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Casting Workbook Benefits

Casting Workbook offers unique benefits to professionals involved in every step of the casting process. Here are just a few of the ways we've made casting easier for you!


Add your portfolio to a database of over 70,000 actors, worldwide. Thousands of talent agents use Casting Workbook to submit their actors to breakdowns that can't be found anywhere else.

For a low annual fee, both unrepresented and represented actors can take advantage of Casting Workbook's services and promote themselves online. Submit yourself to open breakdowns and casting calls. Avoid courier fees by using our ePitch software to send your portfolio to any email address, or add your latest credit to Now Appearing and see your face on our home page!

As a represented actor, you will be linked to your agent's workbook, giving him or her access to your online portfolio to make submissions. You will also receive audition information through your Actor Workbook, including sides. Unrepresented actors automatically become part of our "Talent Scout" database, which is searchable by agent members who want to expand their rosters. If you are looking for an agent - this is the best place to get started!

With the introduction of Workbook Live, actor members are even able to create and maintain their own professional-quality, publicly viewable websites.


View breakdowns, maintain your roster, make submissions, and respond to audition requests, all in one place! Casting Workbook allows you to get connected and stay organized. Receive the latest breakdowns online, by email or SMS and you'll never miss another opportunity to showcase your talent.

When your actors are on Casting Workbook, you'll have full access to their online portfolios, allowing you to update their materials, make submissions, send audition materials, or simply keep in touch.

Discover new talent with just a few clicks, using our Talent Scout search engine. Choose from a wide array of criteria, such as hair/eye color or special skills, and search a database of actors seeking representation, in your area.

Casting Workbook's agent services are provided free of charge to agents with ten or more actor members on their rosters.

Casting Directors

From creating the breakdown to scheduling your final callbacks, Casting Workbook makes the technical side of casting easier, giving you more time to be creative! With exceptional privacy and security, your breakdowns will be distributed to talent agents in your area, the moment you post them, twenty-four hours a day. Casting Workbook's standards guarantee that your breakdowns will only be viewed by qualified industry professionals.

In addition to receiving submissions for agents, casting directors can also search the Casting Workbook database for individual actors, based on a multitude of different criteria, ranging from gender, hair/eye color to special skills.

Casting Workbook's casting director services are provided free of charge to those who qualify.