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Casting Director Benefits


Casting Workbook is your complete end-to-end talent booking software and service. To become a member, all casting directors must be a member of a recognized organization (ex. CSA, CDC or CCDA) or produce letters of reference from the industry. This policy is in place to guarantee a standard of service that is consistently professional and exclusive.

From writing and posting your breakdowns, to hosting and managing your digital auditions. Casting Workbook is the most full featured professional software available. Once breakdowns are posted, electronic submissions instantly begin to arrive. Shortlists are easy to create and once you've determined your lists, you can either print agent call sheets and call out auditions or submit electronically. Agents and or actors can also be requested to self tape and auditions are received instantly.

Casting Workbook also provides a complete digital audition software allowing you and other casting directors (based on permissions), to post auditions from multiple cities for quick global decision making on talent. All notes, choices, resumes, polaroids, demo reels and audition clips are in your searchable private database. Projects can be created and upload or view permissions assigned for audition upload by any number of casting directors in any country. Casting Workbook has worked with thousands of productions and has been under contract with Twentieth Century Fox Features casting for over 7 years. 24/ 7 tech support and in-house service is provided for the entire production.


Casting Workbook provides a secure and exclusive service to the casting industry and has many valuable and time saving features for casting directors. Breakdowns can be written by our staff or can be created and posted by you 24 hours a day and instantly distributed to over 1000 qualified agencies and management companies by your selected region. Agencies must be qualified to join by either being members of recognized organizations or by providing letters of reference from the industry. You can also forward your typed breakdowns for distribution or your scripts for breakdown, approval and distribution.

Agent submissions can be requested by hard copy packages or electronically as required. Electronic submissions can be quickly sorted by agency, character and by name list or thumbnail photo. Selection shortlists can be saved and forwarded to production or sent to another casting director for collaboration.

Sides & Scripts

Casting Workbook provides a secure platform to distribute sides. Script posting allows you to select agents only and even select which agents receive sides and or full scripts for those sensitive scripts or plots. Scripts and sides can be posted by you or sent to our client service team for posting.

Smart Script

Smart Script is Casting Workbook's automated script analyzer, allowing Casting Directors to quickly "break down" scripts, in order to determine each role's description and size (using system-generated scene and line counts), and track its appearances throughout the script. At the click of a button, an uploaded Final Draft .pdf script can be broken down in a minute or less. Smart Script is seamlessly integrated with Casting Workbook's breakdown and sides distribution service. Breakdowns can be effortlessly generated from Smart Script. Role data and scenes can be pulled, marked up, and watermarked for secure sides distribution. (more info)


The Audition Scheduling will save Casting Directors many hours sorting and organizing dozens or hundreds of actors into audition schedules. Casting Directors can make use of agent submissions, and simply select which actors they want to see for audition. With the scheduling system they can quickly and easily prioritize all or some actors, group actors together and let the scheduling software automatically assign orderly audition times in whatever time span is chosen. The scheduling system will send online messages and emails to all agents on the schedule, saving Casting Directors hours on the phone. The management module in schedule tracks the confirmations received from agents. Casting Directors can also re-schedule actors to different times, and build a callback schedule in seconds.

Search Engine

Our search engine is a robust tool that provides a quick name search or can be used for detailed agency roster, ethnicity, gender, region, physical characteristics, special skills and union searches. In addition, every word or partial word of html resumes is searchable giving access into historical resume details for past productions, directors, companies, roles, etc.

Digital Auditions

Includes full featured software as well as hardware consultation and installation where required. The new digital audition software allows you to shoot digitally, capture and manage casting sessions worldwide. This includes the addition of many casting directors to the same project from anywhere in the world. Casting sessions arrive organized and in most cases complete with headshots and resumes. Audition clips are automatically organized into master cast lists as well as by project and can be referred and utilized for future projects at the click of a button. Drag and drop folders allow for simple easy sorting and management.

Digital audition features include

  • Private Master Cast List: (ABC lists, ethnicities, categories, age ranges, quick searches and printable reports.)
  • Project Management: (Project contact manager, categorical searching of actors being considered for a project, Agent online availability calls with tracking and reporting, clip book printing for directors & producers and auto tracking of audition clips being uploaded internally or by outside casting directors.
  • Sessions: Permission based session uploading and sharing of auditions from multiple casting directors or agents worldwide. Executives, Producers and Directors can be added to view selected auditions at the click of a button. (Includes auditions, sessions and demo reels of video or audio material).
  • ePitch: Electronic forwarding of auditions and actor portfolios using a secure email distribution.

Invitational Auditions

Request self taped auditions from selected actors and receive auditions directly to your account.


On April 1, 2010 Casting Workbook passed the scrutiny of a major motion picture web security audit aimed at their contracted vendors; making us one of the most secure audition hosting sites in the industry.

Audio & Video Demo Reels

Audio and video demo reels can be viewed instantly online from any high speed service including cable and DSL. Live auditions and demo reels can be shortlisted and forwarded to production for approval.

Industry Messaging

Direct and confidential desktop-to-desktop messaging to Casting Workbook professionals is available with pre-built lists of major industry agency and casting groups. After messages are sent, you can review whether the recipient(s) have received your message.