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The Client Support Team

Graham Wickstrom, Client Support / Casting Specialist / Writer

Graham's strong production and casting background combined with an innate sense of software and technology make him invaluable to casting offices working with Casting Workbook. While attending Capilano University Film School, where he obtained two diplomas, Graham received a Leo nomination for Best Student Film. He then worked on-set with several local productions before finding a niche in casting, where he remained for four years. During this time he built up an extensive resume, spanning from big budget film productions and television shows to indie films. Staying at the forefront of casting technology and the uses of all casting systems, Graham assists clients by using his knowledge of production and his extensive insight of Casting Workbook.

"I have always enjoyed working in film. For years I have experienced the different aspects of the film industry, absorbing it all as I went along. Now working at Casting Workbook, I find myself at the forefront of casting technology, armed with the knowledge of what the industry needs. With these tools in hand I hope to help bring casting to a new standard of excellence."

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Trevar Woodliffe, Digital Videographer / Editor / Music Producer

Trevar graduated from Stylus College of Music and Sound Technology in Music Engineering in 2006. His first brush with casting was at Shoreline Studios, one of Vancouver's top casting facilities, where he filmed a wide variety of commercial, film and television casting sessions. Trevar has since taken over at the helm of Casting Workbook's digital video R & D lab, where he manages digital uploads, supports outside casting offices, and films talent auditions for digital distribution. In addition to this, Trevar is a prolific music producer, filmmaker, & cartoonist, all of which help him understand the complexity and evolution of the entertainment industry.

"Film has been my passion since as far back as I can remember. At 9 years old, I used my laundry basket as a camera stand and my 2 year old brother as an extra. Thankfully, I have progressed and so has the technology. At Casting Workbook, I am able to use all of my creative and technical skills in a sleek & graphical format. I love being able to upload an audition in Vancouver and have the casting director download to DVD in Los Angeles a few minutes later."

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Emily Buchanan, Toronto, Client Support / Content Specialist / One Woman Musical

Emily hails from a dedicated performance background, having spent her entire life immersed in the arts while training as a triple threat. Specializing in musical theatre, her love and dedication for this industry spreads far beyond the stage. Growing up in a family where a typical day was spent memorizing lines and rushing to and from auditions, Emily is honoured to work for a company that is dedicated to making the entertainment industry easier for everyone involved.

"I am extremely grateful to work for Casting Workbook. Every single aspect of this company is something I am dedicated to, whether it is film & television, theatre and directing, production and casting, or innovative technology. I am proud to bring my experience as a performer to the Casting Workbook team and I hope that actors feel safe knowing that they have someone on the 'inside' who has gone to her share of auditions."

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Justin Camacho, East Coast Studio Manager / Videographer / Gamer

Before settling in at Casting Workbook, Justin spent his time in the customer service industry. Throughout the 6 years that he has been with the company, he has seized the opportunity to study more about an industry for which he has such passion and enthusiasm. Justin is excited to be working for a company that offers its clients a service that is truly beneficial to them.

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