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Digital Audition Facilities

Your agent has submitted you for the perfect role and casting can't wait to see your audition, but there's a problem; you're in Toronto and the casting session is in Los Angeles.

So what!

Visit one of Casting Workbook's digital audition facilities or partner studios to shoot your audition and distribute it electronically. Using our state-of-the-art ePitch technology, we're able to transmit your footage to anyone with an email address. No more sprinting to the post office to make sure your package gets out on time. Don't spend another second staring at that tracking number. ePitches are delivered instantly, to as many recipients as you need.

If you're a Casting Workbook member, your digital audition will also include the materials in your Casting Workbook portfolio, including your photos, resume, and audio/video demo reels.

Don't let distance stand between you and the role of a lifetime. With ePitch, you can be sure that your material will make it into the hands of the decision-makers. Click on the links to the right or below to find digital audition facilities in your area.

Facility map