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Q: What is Casting Workbook?

A: Casting Workbook is an industry recognized communication system designed to allow the transfer of actor portfolio materials (photos, resume, audio and demo reels) between the Talent Agency, Casting Director and Production Team. Information is transferred immediately across cities or across continents. Actor members receive the additional benefits of saving money in photo duplication, courier fees as well as the hosting of their free personal website using demo reels and photos that you choose from your Workbook account.

Q: How does Casting Workbook work?

A: Casting Directors as well as Theatres, Artistic Directors and Print Photographers, post breakdowns on our service that are viewed by Talent Agents. Talent Agents can then submit their actor's materials to Casting Directors globally with no courier fees or delivery delays. Submissions are then reviewed, and appropriate actors are considered for auditions, callbacks or booked on jobs.

Casting Directors can also track down actors by name or agency, and conduct actor searches based on any word that appears on an actor resume (special skills, previous roles etc.) or statistical information such as height, weight, hair, eyes and age range.

Talent Agent and Casting Directors can send actor portfolio materials to anyone with an email address using ePitch.

Q: Is Casting Workbook a subscription membership?

A: Membership with Casting Workbook is based on an annual fee that is paid when you join. The membership continues for as long as you continue to pay your yearly fee. Members are invoiced 30-days before their membership comes due. If you decide you no longer require your membership, please contact us before your renewal date passes.

Casting Workbook does not retain credit card information and will not automatically charge your credit card. Members who do not pay their account by the renewal date and want to continue their membership will be required to pay a small late/reactivation fee at the time of renewal.

Q: Does Casting Workbook have audition facilities?

A: Yes. Casting Workbook's Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles offices have studio facilities where actors can record self-tape auditions for a fee. We provide the cameraman who will read with the actor if required.

Auditions can then be transmitted with photo and resume to anyone with an email address in minutes via ePitch . Actors can also walk away with a DVD.

Please note that audition facilities are only available to members of Casting Workbook with accounts in good standing. Please call your Local Casting Workbook office to confirm cost and to book a time for your audition.

Q: How do I make my payment?

A: New Members can sign-up online by going to and clicking "JOIN" at the top of the main page. Please indicate if you are a represented or non-represented actor and complete the online form. You can pay immediately by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or send us your check or money order.

If you are an existing member of Casting Workbook with a due, past due or inactive account, need to reactivate a suspended account, or if you don't know if you have a Casting Workbook Account, please contact your local Casting Workbook office.

Casting Workbook accepts Cash, Check, Money Orders, Visa and Mastercard at their offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles. Our Vancouver and Toronto offices also accept Interac (Debit) payments. You are welcome to visit any office to make your payment in person. You may also mail your check or money order to us. You can also pay using online banking with most major Canadian banks. Please note we do not accept debit cards by phone.

Q: Casting Workbook security - Who can view my Casting Workbook portfolio?

A: Casting Workbook is a carefully monitored and password protected website. Casting Directors, Theatres, Artistic Directors, Print Photographers, Producers and Talent Agencies must apply for access and show they belong to recognized industry associations or provide industry references. Only registered Casting professionals and your agents can view your portfolio information. Information on Casting Workbook is not viewable by members of the general public.

Q: Is my personal contact information protected?

A: Yes. If you are a represented actor, only your agent's contact information is available to the Casting professional member. If you are not represented, the Casting member can view your telephone and/or email address. Please make sure this information is kept up to date. Actors looking for talent agents can make their telephone and email address available for talent agent searches.

Q: How will I know when I get an audition?

A: Film, Television, Commercial, Live Theatre and Print breakdowns are distributed to Talent Agents who submit actors that are appropriate for the roles described and available for the project dates specified. Casting Workbook has been configured so that established industry lines of communication are observed. Our distribution agreement with Casting is that we only broadcast breakdowns to Talent Agents who have qualified for and been given access to our system.

Q: What is ePitch?

A: ePitch is Casting Workbook's electronic delivery system that works with the recipient(s) email address. Any materials that are in an actor portfolio (photos, resume, audio and video reels) and auditions shot or captured at our studios can be ePitched to anyone with an email address.

ePitch allows you to track when and how often the recipient views your information and gives you the option to lock out the viewer after a pre-determined period of time.

With ePitch, your demo reel or audition is viewed like a movie trailer on the internet. This means there are no big files or lengthy download times and your video can be seen in seconds provided the viewer has a good internet connection. ePitches can be viewed over and over by recipient(s).

Q: Can I find a Talent Agent using Casting Workbook?

A: Actors who are not represented are placed in the Talent Scout section of Casting Workbook. This gives Talent Agents the opportunity to search for actors that are seeking representation by city, personal statistics or words that appear on your resume. Only non-represented or self-represented actors are listed in Talent Scout and can be solicited. Interested agents will contact you directly using the contact information (phone number and email address) you have on file.

You can also epitch your material to agents saving you time, duplication and postage.

Q: Why can't I view breakdowns on Casting Workbook?

A: If you are represented by a Talent Agent, the Casting Professionals will contact your Talent Agent directly, who will in turn get in touch with you. If you are between agents or self-represented, the Casting members will contact you directly using your Casting Workbook contact information (telephone and/or email address).

Actors may have the ability to view open Breakdowns posted by Casting Directors as well as public Casting Notices posted by non Casting Workbook members.

Q: What is Now Appearing?

A: Now Appearing is a marketing tool developed to promote Actors. Actors and Agents can list upcoming Film, Television, Commerical and Theatrical Appearances in a central database that is accessible to Casting professionals.

Actor appearances are randomly advertised on the front page of our website plus appearances can be searched by actor name, city or date. In this way, Casting Professionals can plan their week and schedule viewing sessions of upcoming TV appearances or Live Theatre productions.

Q: Can I have more than one agent on Casting Workbook?

A: Yes. Casting Workbook is designed to allow actors to have more than one agent on the system. Each agent will have their own resume and can use any of the materials included in your portfolio (photos, audio clips, video clips). There is no additional charge to add an agent to your account.