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Agent Benefits


Casting Workbook offers Talent Agents a robust online software solution at no cost. You can pull up your daily list of breakdowns, check availabilities and special skills of your actors and submit their photos and resumes in an organized package to casting. In addition, you can use ePitch for sending one or more selected actors and their selected materials from your roster. ePitch creates a professional letter with your Agencies logo and the talent you select to anyone with an email address. Sides and Scripts are available online and can be forwarded to your actor's individual workbooks with audition cover sheets at the click of a button. Invitational auditions can be shot and uploaded at the agency or actors can shoot and upload from anywhere.


Feature film, television, commercial and theatre breakdowns are now being posted from over 900 casting director members from Canada, the United States and abroad. These breakdowns are posted directly online and are distributed to over 1000 agents in 20 cities via our proprietary distribution. You can choose to receive breakdown alerts by email or SMS, to your cell phone or PDA the instant they are posted.

Our new dynamic breakdown allows you to select actors by several criteria including special skills. Once you have selected your actors, you can decide which of their photos to include together with individual notes. Once your submission is sent, a review sheet with your logo is created for your future reference that you can also print.

Your submission list automatically generates a list of actors and allows you to forward electronic cover sheets, sides and scripts together with their audition times and location.

Sides & Scripts

Sides and Scripts are posted daily as they are provided to Casting Workbook by casting directors. They can be pulled up in a list and downloaded as PDF files. Sides can be printed and faxed or distributed to your actors using our electronic distribution to their Actor Workbooks.

Smart Script

Smart Script is Casting Workbook's automated script analyzer, allowing Agents to quickly "break down" scripts, in order to determine each role's description and size (using system-generated scene and line counts), and track its appearances throughout the script. At the click of a button, an uploaded .pdf script can be broken down in a minute or less. This is the ideal tool to quickly scan a script, analyze prospective roles, and get the materials to your talent. Get the in-depth scoop that will help your actors book the auditions. (more info)

Audition Scheduling

With Audition Scheduling, agents receive online audition requests from Casting Directors in one convenient location. With a simple click they can forward the audition information – with Sides – on to actors for confirmation. The Scheduling system will keep track of which actors have and haven't replied, as well as hold notes for specific actor follow-ups. Agents can then quickly reply back to the Casting Director with confirmations or requests for different times.

Invitational Auditions

When casting directors request self tapes from your actors, you can shoot and upload right from the agency by using easy upload links for your entire roster. Also, actors can shoot and upload from any facility using a link that you provide to them.


ePitch is dynamic, secure and best of all it provides tracking so you can see when and how many times it has been viewed. When creating an ePitch you have the ability to send to multiple email addresses as well as control when the ePitch will expire and no longer be viewable. When creating an ePitch, thumbnail photos of your selected clients are embedded into a letter format, with or without your Agency logo, along with a link that goes directly to their entire portfolio; including resume, photos, audio and video reels where provided. The only requirement is that client portfolios must be active on Casting Workbook to be included in an ePitch.

Actor Workbooks

Each of your actors has access to their own private Workbook allowing them to receive audition notices and sides as well as send and receive instant messages from their agents.


Send personalized messages to other Casting Workbook professionals. We have tailored messaging to include industry only or project related messages to escalate importance.

Actors can message their agent, and agents can message casting professionals, their own roster or unrepped actor members. Messaging is instant and the sender can pull a multiple recipient list to see if they have opened the message. Messaging contact lists are automatically updated as casting professionals are added to the system or whenever they report a move or change.

Talent Scout

Talent Scout was created from a demand by unrepped actors to join Casting Workbook in an effort to find a talent agent and secure work. Talent agents can search for new faces and review their online portfolios for potential representation. Actors who find themselves between agents are moved to Talent Scout until the new agency is added.


Many of the features of Casting Workbook can be customized at the agency or roster level. Personal preferences include resume headers, agency logo, number of days to display breakdowns, type of breakdown submission, cities available to be searched, etc.

In addition, permissions for each or all actors with the agency can be set to allow your actors to view or update agency resumes, photos and portfolio information and view sides.


Your eBinder is a passcode protected corporate website for your agency. eBinder contains your complete searchable roster. The information including your roster's photos, resumes, audio and video reels are automatically updated as you update Casting Workbook. In addition, we have given you the freedom to create a personal splash page and welcome message to describe your agency, showcase your talent or even promote upcoming events. Your splash page can be changed instantly online as often as you like.

You can distribute eBinder as you would a regular binder to producers, directors or anyone you would normally send your hardcopy binder. Distribution is simple, you print the one page distribution sheet from the eBinder section of Casting Workbook and fax to recipients of your choice. This sheet contains everything required for them to access your Electronic binder from any computer on the Internet including a passcode to access the eBinder. For your dynamic or partial roster sends, we recommend ePitch.