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Casting Workbook takes the business of acting seriously. Even though the Workbook is one of the most extensive talent databases in the world with over 70,000 members, it is far more than just a resource database. Casting Workbook is also a digital pitching, marketing and courier service for actor portfolios as well as one of the busiest online breakdown services in the world where it counts most... the number of roles cast electronically.

Your local union database is valuable; however, it contains only members of that association. Casting Workbook includes members of ACTRA, SAG, UBCP, UDA AFTRA, AEA, CAEA, MEAA, etc. This means complete roster representation for agents and, therefore, one stop shopping for casting professionals.

With over 70,000 members, Casting Workbook hosts up to 500 breakdowns, 70 000 agent submissions, resulting in over 2000 roles being cast in major film, TV, commercial and theatrical productions each month.

Every 20 seconds, a Casting Workbook member logs in to their account, resulting in over 33 million website hits per month.

Who's Looking At You?

There are over 2000 casting professional members including studio executives, casting & theatre directors and producers on Casting Workbook.


There are approximately 24,000 roles cast for feature film, television, commercial and print productions each year through Casting Workbook.

View our partial list of projects cast using Casting Workbook.

Personal Website (Workbook Live)

Your membership comes with a free personal website and unique URL (ex., go to to see examples of other actor's sites. With a few mouse clicks, you can create a unique website using your Casting Workbook materials. Premium members can add photo albums with set stills or publicity photos. If your demo reel is on Casting Workbook, it will automatically appear on your workbook live website. You can also add film posters to your appearances for a graphical resume and type homepage details and messages to let the world know what you are up to. Distribute your website on Facebook or share your private URL with anyone you choose. Workbook Live is your external site that is all promoting you. Your internal site is called your Workbook and it is all about booking your roles.

Your Workbook

Your Workbook is your internal system information that is about bookings, your Workbook live is your external site that is all about promotion. From your private Workbook you can log in to review your materials, download sides, post messages and much more.

Your Portfolio contains:

1. Your thumbnail photos for quick searches, your headshots (approx 3 x 5) with contact details and specs and your jumbo photos, (approx 8 x10). You can provide us with additional photos (up to 16 per portfolio) and casting professionals can view your range of photos from here. Only one photo comes up in initial searches and you control the "default" photo from the Edit menu in your Workbook at any time.

2. Your html resume is keyword searchable by casting professionals as well as agents looking for actors to represent.. You can update your resume at any time.

3. You can include up to 3 minutes of audio clips in your profile. By uploading them separately by type ie. animation, it is easier for voice casting professionals to zero in on the type of product they're interested in. Also, save on duplication and courier costs by using ePitch to ship your audio reels.

4. Video demo reels and audition or monologues can be uploaded to your portfolio for distribution. Again, by uploading them separately by type, ie commercial or feature film, casting directors can zero in on the product that they are interested in. Savings in duplication and courier costs are dramatic when using ePitch to distribute your video.


ePitch is a fast, effective and secure way for you to move your electronic portfolio worldwide to anyone with an email address. Your Casting Workbook thumbnail photo is embedded into a letter format and linked to your entire portfolio including your resume, photos, audio and video reel where provided.

The old tedious and expensive methods have been eliminated. There is no duplication of photos, audio reels, video reels or letterhead. There are no manila envelopes or stamps and best of all; your agent knows when your package has arrived and how many times it has been viewed.


Send messages to agents for possible representation. Open your multiple recipient lists to see whether your message has been read.